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O-Ohhh… -plays with fingers-

-lifts skirt up- …ohh….

I’m a-a h-human now…!

A-Am I a m-male or a f-female..?

(Mod: I have no idea how to make it a week…. I have college and all, so maybe I’ll go on with this until I deem it a ‘week’ and then stop the m!a. Use ‘(amount of) asks’ next time, guys.. =u=”

P.S. J is a female. Before someone send me asks about trans and whatever, I TOLD you guys in the ‘about me’ section that her gender was yet unidentified. Does not mean he’s a dude being a girl; she’s always a girl. She just knew she is a girl. So if I get any asks regarding this, i will ignore it blatantly.)

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